" Orange" Jasper Stone Chakra Bracelet


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We love our spiritual glam, "Orange" Jasper chips Stone Chakra bracelet. Adorned with Orange calcite, which helps increase physical energy when worn or touching the body. Orange calcite is known for assisting energy movement. Orange calcite moves "stuck" energies in the sacral chakra. Jasper Stone also known as the "Nurturing Stone, is a stone that is good for physical strength and energy and used to align all the chakras. Jasper is known metaphysically as a stone of gentleness, comfort, and relaxation. Emotionally and mentally, it is a stone of health and passion, and brings the courage to face unpleasant moments like loss, ending of a relationship and to right wrongful situations. Jasper is used for bringing beauty into life and specific situations. Touched with Green "Heart" Chakra Stones color, which inspires us to try new things by initiating change. Sky's the limit of possibilities for ourselves and from the world offers. Adorn your wrist with this beautiful bracelet that will make you feel powerful, inspirational and energetic. 

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