" Harmony" Bracelet


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Sharpen your inner vision and outer senses with this beautiful intriguing bracelet. Indigo brings deep wisdom, deep seeing, deep clarity, awakenings and a united step become one with the Divine. A mix of blue and violet, it is the color of knowledge, dignity and Intuition. Set in glam Lapis beads which symbolizes of royalty and honor, gods and power, spirit and vision. It is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. Escorted by gorgeous warm brown Agate style beads which give you glam, a feeling of solidity, harmony and balance. It stimulates taking action and clearer thinking, which is oftentimes clouded by emotions. Gold colored trimmed beads add the right finishing touch. Adorn your wrist with this beautiful bracelet that will make you feel royal, intuitive, clear thinking and oh so chic.

handcrafted with love ❤️