Pop Yellow Hand of Fatima Chakra Bracelet


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There's a reason why yellow instantly boosts your mood. Yellow is the color of the sunshine and promotes vibrancy, optimism, power and intellect.  It also reminds us who we are and to not get tangled into negative thinking or what the "self" can sometimes " say" who we are. Deepen your personal power and and delve deeper into your spiritual growth with this Solar Plexus " Pop Yellow Hand of Fatima " Chakra Bracelet on your wrist. Heal your mind and bad habits like sarcasm, self doubt and tap into your true power of self. The Hasma hand or the Hand of Fatima, symbolizes protection of the holder against negative energy, while promoting happiness to the holder. The white reminds us of purity, innocence and truth. White is also aligned with the moon and helps to boost your faith and harmony. White reminds you to dream big and that the possibilities are endless. Add a pop of pink to promote love, compassion and tolerance. Pink is so significant because it is the universal color of love. Pink reminds us to be calm and relax. Pink attracts and strengthens love. Blue conveys intuition, inspiration, belief in oneself and joy. Blue is a natural healer and helps to unblock communication problems. Blue helps to raise your expressions including creativity and will power to mention a few. Adorn your wrist with this beautiful bracelet that will make you feel elegant, lovable and oh so chic. 

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